Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Entry

Hey hey , this is my new blog in the new 2009 . I have one blog before, on my friendster, and now I try to publish another blog again ..
I'm not a genius nor a master , but I think blogging is a quite nice way to express myself. :]

1 January 2009.
I had smile on my face , but I also have tears in my eyes ..
Maybe this is a sweet beginning, means I can have happy and sad times anytime.
But please, should I have another 'peek-a-aboo' ? I already had it before, so please anyone .. don't do that to me . I realized I have too much 'rule' and demands . Hmm .. yes, another sorry from me to you.

Actually, I hate December.
I always have a Deadcember! LOL.
I was wondering why God allowed me to have it (or should I say 'I allowed it myself'?) until I had the answer by myself ............
He wants me to depand on HIM always .
He came for me with Christmas , and He tried to attract me like waving His hands "Hey. Hey, Come to me!"
Sorry God .. I always frown because of my friends, boyfriend, situations or else, while I must be happy and have joy in YOU.

Yes, another 'sorry' words !
Why I always be a sorry person?

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