Tuesday, May 26, 2009

It's TOO late

Late for going to campus? for me, it's my daily routine.
Why? Because I love sleeping. *is it a nice excuse? :D

But yesterday (Mon 25 May). It was just TOO late.
Everyday, class begins at 8.30 AM. And on that Monday, I have a presentation to do with my team. The alarm rang at 6.50 AM. I should have snoozed it but I turned it OFF unconsciously.
So, guess what the result is .. I woke up at 8.45 ! The worse is, the presentation slide is with me!

My mom: "Vir, you don't go to school??"
Me: *jump from my bed* "Yes!! Ohhhh ckkkk."

I ran to my bathroom, opened the shower, wet my body, and dressed up. (read: no bath)
I arrived at 9.30 AM and made the presentation delayed until next week with 15 % discounted score. :\

Oh yes, I love this one! a flower pot at Ace Hardware

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