Thursday, August 20, 2009

ORPHAN is sick!

I've just watched Orphan with my bf at La Piazza Gading. One word for that movie: SICK!
At first, I thought it was a ghost movie, but then I realized it was not. It is a thriller movie.

A Russian girl named Esther is a new adopted child to Coleman family. She seems pretty nice, she has a good hand to draw yet she has a good connection with John and Kate the parent at her first met. But then a mysterious incident start happen. She always use her fabric bracelet and necklace. She pushes a schoolmate down a playground slide, put a gun to Max -the deaf Coleman daughter-, kills Sister Abigail -the head of orphanage- using hammer, and convince Max to hide Abigail together. I got goosebumps whenever I watched Esther killing and putting her mad face. Despite of her mysterious incident which always covered by Max and Daniel, Kate starts suspicious with Esther. Kate fails to convince her husband and tries to search the fact about Esther.
In short, Esther kills Daniel, and you know what ...... Kate finds a very shocked fact that Esther is from Estonia, live in a mental hospital, and ..... she is not a child. She is a 33 years old woman! She has hypopituitarism, a disorder that stoped her physical growth. She is posing as a little girl. That's why sometimes she acts like an adult. She has a knowledge about sex, catch John and Kate while having sex, and she is very easy to kill anybody who bothers her, especially who bothers her relationship with John. Why John? because she is a woman who loves John, and other man victim. John also died because he rejects Esther's love. (yeah of course!)

Oh man ................. I couldn't believe that this movie is about a psychotic woman posing as a little girl to get a man. Fiuuuuuhh. Totally SICK. :|

Yeah but I love that kind of movie. I can't predict the ending and make me keep hiding on the back of my hand. Lol. Isabelle Fuhrman who play as Esther also good, her face gives me goosebumps. Hiks.

Anyway, before I went to La Piazza, we ate at Sari Sanjaya. We ordered pempek, tekwan, es kacang merah, and belida goreng dalam daun. I love belida (fish) goreng!

Tomorrow, my bf and his friend will fly to Malaysia for a holiday trip. :(
Malaysia - truly Maling. They claims Pendet Dance from Bali is their culture. AGAIN!!? read here and here. Go dig your own culture!

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