Saturday, September 19, 2009

Hello Stranger!

So people, I just will write this quick.
I met my new friend on Omegle. I just use omegle to kill my curiosity and then I met this Chinese young boy, his name is Norman (his English name). First I didn't expect much from omegle, I know there will be a lot of people with sexual desire. Eww. But some of them also good with me.
Back to Norman, I chat with him with MSN right after that and you know what I was talking about with him? Chinese and Indonesian culture, language, family, generation, weather, places, and the dead for me is Confusianism! Oh boy, I have no much knowledge about politic. :|
Surprisingly, I think he knows Indonesia more than I do. He knows Sumatera is a famous marine border crossing, rain in summer time in Indonesia which I don't know. Oh young boy. He said in Indonesia, the rain always fall after 2 PM in summer. Is that right? Also he can speaks Japanese, a lil bit France, and play violin.

I have learned much about China.
1. Facebook is forbidden in there because of political reason
2. School time is 7 AM - 12.20 PM and 2-9 PM !!

He is so talented, beside, He is in China where people is forced to be great in everything. He also admits it, in China, they are so stressful even in education.

We do sharing picture about our school uniform, places, and others.

Oh I have to be grateful for I live in Indonesia I guess.
Good night!
I am 艾薇拉 or 陈萍萍

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