Friday, September 4, 2009

Scream for Cam

I scream for this camera !!!!!!!!
OH my ....... those are so adorably cute! I couldn't control myself when I was browsing them.

First Picture is Instax Mini 7 (though the photo size is only like a credit card, I adore the body design) - IDR 1.000.000
Second Picture is a camera with a mermaid frog on it, I think It's only $12 but couldn't find the brand and where to buy :(

My boy said, instead of buying these camera (FYI, the Instax film cost for IDR 120.000/10sheets. Hiks hiks), I better buy a SLR camera. Oh yeah boy .. I want that too. :(
So I said to him, instead of buying me a Nudie Jeans (IDR 1.000.000), you can buy me an Ipod Touch. a lil bit joking, actually

I wanna own another camera to accompany my Canon Powershot E1 Digicam! haha. and of course, Ipod Touch.

my Pink Powershot E1

Nudie Jeans


unsize said...

aku si uda punya itouch :))))

eh itu yg polaroid kan d fb ad yg jual,pelemna mahuall

Elvira said...

emang, tuh 120ribu 10 lembar

myli said...

damn nudie jeans. dont buy those jeans. i dun know why indo people so adore that jeans heaps? especially boys i guess. why el? why? damn expensive. few days ago i went out with my friends n there's one of their friend was wearing a nudie n his hands like blue everywhere cos of the jeans. do u know that u cant wash the new nudie for approx 6months? that doesn't make any sense. ehhehe just my opinion.

Elvira said...
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Elvira said...

haha yip, bener mil, bisa sampe 1-1.5 taon ga dicuci. Pas pertama2 blue-ish gitu tuh .. I don't know too mil, why men love wearing nudie. even celeb loves it.
That's why I said to him, maybe he can save the money for an Ipod Touch for me. Lol
Oya, tapi untung co gw ga pernah sampe blueish gituuu ohohoh