Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Are you smarter than a fifth graderrrrrrrrr

Hello, in this minute, I am giving you a very absurd story.
When I was sleeping this morning, blinks of dreams hit my mind.
In my dream, I meet an atheist little boy who tell me about what he knows about sin, life, and death.

And a second go, many huge tree monsters (like in Lord of The Rings) step on this earth. Other people and I are looking at the sky, and sream “Watch outtttt!” , “No, no, here... Run over there!”.

And guess what the tree monsters scream ..
“Are you smarter than a fifth graderrrrrrrrr” (*monsters roaring)

so absurd!
Suddenly I heard someone knocking the door, “Viraaaaaaa!! Don't you go to the office???”
Oh my, I was overslept. I forgot to switch the alarm on, and that kind of absurd monsters scared me to slept!

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