Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quick Quick real Quick!

Sejalan dengan title di atas, I'm gonna do this post quick, real quick!
Can I restart my life from 10 years ago? go abroad, school higher, study better, learn more, practice skills a lot.
Dammit, I just need it, or just say, I want it!
Manusia ga pernah puas, emang.
Betul banget.
Tau gara2 apa gw tulis ini? Gara2 gw baca blog temen yg perjalanan kesana kemari sambil 'nuntut ilmu' dan berbagi ilmu.

Other one,
My boy is going to have a camera. That one that I dream for long long time ..
The different between me and him is He is able to reach what he wants.
In this case, able means, He says he wants and he talks to his mom about what he wants.
He asks his mom to help him a bit about the money.
Which I did not do.

There are so many dreams I used to have
But I put it inside deep deep down inside my heart
I let other people' happiness going real first
I save my excuse for other people
and I suddenly just skipped my wishes

In short, now I am envy with him, her, you, whosoever...
But not because I am selfish
I just can stand still and looking others reaching what they want

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