Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas with Strangers

First of all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Sorry for the late greetings.
In 2009, I had Christmas on an airplane!
I was going to Japan and I opened the present from my mom in the air. :)

Quite simple, and I lost the meaning of Christmas, in fact.
Because every year I spend most of my Christmas in the church, play performance, go with my church friends, and family.
In this year, I busy up my life with internship and classes.
At the moment, I miss all those times. Times where I spend in church.
But my friend said: Give thanks to what I have. I still have time to involve myself in church.
Japan, a place where I never imagine I will go there.
In my mind, Japan is a country with expensive things to buy.
But hey, God (via my mom and dad) gave the opportunity to visit Japan.
In 6 nights 7 days, I felt the culture differences although Indonesia and Japan is still in Asia.
Here, I do not have time to describe it all. Haha!
Basically, I enjoyed those days, but ........... I didn't enjoy the shopping!
I kept some of money, afraid I would lose money before I got home. Lol
1 Yen = IDR 100 . A very simple T-Shirt cost 1.000 Yen. Fiiiuuuh.
Surprisingly, I still have like about 20.000 Yen when I got home! HUUUAAHH.

Last, I wanna go back to Japan someday!

P.S: I will give some of funny things I know about Japan. (someday, here)

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