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Why Women Spend Longer Time in Toilet Than Men

Ever wondering why Women spend longer time than Men? I found the answer here :

The Man's Strategy for Going to the Bathroom:

1) Walk slowly and proudly up to the bathroom, make sure everyone knows that is where you are headed. (Cowo jalan perlahan menuju toilet)

2) Enter the bathroom, and quickly check out the whole room (Masuk ke toilet dan ngecek seluruh ruangan)

3) Look for the right urinal. This is how to pick your urinal: There must be at least one urinal between you and the next closest person (on either side) to you, if this is not available, take the urinal next to the wall, beside a 'safe looking' male. If this is also not available, glance at stalls, or leave bathroom, and return later, to get the right spot. (Ngecek urinal/bilik yg paling tepat, seenggaknya ada space 1 urinal dgn org lain, atau urinal di sebelah tembok aja)

4) If proper urinal is available, approach urinal swiftly, looking straight ahead, never turning eyes or head. Another approach is to look at the floor, feet are always good as well. (Kalo uda dpt urinal yg tepat, jgn nengok kanan kiri)

5) Undo pants, relieve yourself as quickly as possible, keep head looking down (or eyes closed and head held looking up) this way no one will think you are trying to check them out. (Buka seleting)

6) Shake it off, put it back in your pants. (pipiss)
** Note Steps 7 and 8 are optional, but recommended in 45 of the 50 states.

7) Wash hands. (Cuci tangan)

8) Attempt to dry hands. Look to see if a blow dryer or paper towel dispenser is close by. If not, your clothes will do just fine as a towel. (Berusaha mengeringkan tangan)

9) Exit bathroom, do NOT look back, you didn't forget anything. (Keluar toilet)

10) Check to see if your female companion has exited the bathroom before you, although highly unlikely, you must check anyway. (Cek temen cw/ pacar uda keluar dari toiletnya belom)

11) Wait patiently for her return, remember to NOT say things like, "Wow, what took you so long." (Nunggu sabar temen cw ny keluar)

................. COMPARE WITH THIS !!! .............

A Women's Strategy for Going to the Bathroom:

1) Enter bathroom, and start checking each stall, but do NOT check the first one, first one is bad luck, even if tests prove that it's always the cleanest. Look to see what stall is the nicest looking, deciding only after checking every available stall. (Masuk ke toilet, cek semua bilik nya)

2) Decide which is the cleanest stall, and try to get to it before that other bitch who entered when you did. (Pilih bilik yang paling bersih, masuk sebelom cw laen masuk)

3) Mutter "Slut" under breath, when she grabs the stall you wanted, and make a run for the one you wanted, or that skank who entered after you will get it. (Waspada jgn sampai bilik pilihannya di serobot org lain)

4) Hang jacket and purse on hooks on door. (Gantung jaket/ tas)

5) Take some toilet paper and wipe the seat, pretending you can wipe off all germs. (Ambil kertas toilet atau lap klosetnya dgn cairan anti bakteri yg tersedia)

6) Line toilet seat with toilet paper! Germs are bad! (Taro kertas toiletnya di sekeliling kloset)

7) Start to take off all layers of required clothing, be sure nothing rests on the ground! Use all other hooks available if needed. (Perhatiin, jgn sampe ada barang2 yang tergeletak di lantai)

8) Sit down on toilet seat very lightly, as not to disturb layer of paper between you and the seat. Germs are bad! (Pelan2 duduknya, soalnya kan ada kertas toilet di atas klosetnya)

9) Relax and let the flow go, but make sure your still sitting lightly, because the paper on the seat can't move, or you'll get germs! (Relax, duduknya ga usah gerak2)

10) Start to dispense the required amount of toilet paper from the roll. Fold into neat rectangle, and wipe all drips, very careful to not get germs from the seat! (Ambil tisu toilet, dilipet2 jadi persegi trus lap deh)

11) Toss soiled toilet paper into toilet while standing up, watch out for the germs! (Buang tisu toilet nya segera)

12) Start to put back on the 27 layers of clothing you were wearing, make sure it looks exactly like it did when you entered bathroom. (Mulai pake jaket2nya, perhiasan, tas nya yang tadi digantung)

13) Put all toilet paper lining seat into toilet. (Buang kertas toilet di klosetnya)

14) Flush. (Flush dehh)

15) Grab jacket and purse while unlocking door. (Keluar dari bilik toiletnya)

16) Walk to sink, and turn on tap. (Ke washtafel)

17) Put hands under running water for at least 10 seconds. (Cuci tangan kira-kira 10 detik)

18) Lather up with lots of soap, and be sure to get anywhere on hands that was exposed to germs! (Pakein sabun)

19) Rinse soap off hands under water for another 10 seconds. (Bilas tangannya pake air lagi)

20) Look for paper towel, if there is none, mumble under breath, and stick hands under blow dryer for 4 minutes. NEVER WIPE HANDS ON CLOTHING! Make your move to counter/mirror section. (Keringin tangannya)

21) Put jacket to side, blocking that skank who was trying to get your stall from coming next to you, and make sure your as far away as possible from that bitch who took your stall.

22) Scoff at the way the bitch who took your stall looks. Her make-up is all wrong!

23) Spread out contents of purse on counter.

24) Touch up already perfect make-up, for no reason, be sure to take at least 2 minutes doing this. (Touch up make-up duluu)

25) Organize objects when putting back in purse, a messy purse is bad! (Balikin dan rapiin tuh alat2 make-up nya ke dompet make-up)

26) Put on jacket, laugh to self at that skank who wanted your stall her clothes are gross.

27) Walk out of bathroom, tossing head at the skank who is still putting make-up on, and make sure you gasp when the bitch who took your stall scoffs at you. (Keluar toilet)

28) Find boyfriend outside, wonder how he gets done so fast ... You were really quick this time! (Ketemu deh sama cowonyaaa)

Source: FemaleRestrooms

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