Sunday, May 30, 2010

Somebody Please Execute My Avant-Garde Idea!

If there is a voice recorder to record audio,
If there is a photocopy machine to record files,
If there is a TV Recorder to record TV and radio,
If there is a Tivo to record your favorite TV show,
If there is a camera to record and capture pictures,

Audio, Files, and Pictures.


Will somebody invent a machine to record anybody's best feelings?

I want to record those pleasant feelings I've ever had,
So I can re-play it anytime I want.


Friday, May 28, 2010


Satu saat nanti kita akan mengerti

Tentang sepaket arti dan inti dari mengasihi

Bukannya kita lumpuh, tapi kita terlalu asyik di bui

Bukannya kita buta, tapi terang ini seakan masih terlalu dini

Bukannya kita bisu, tapi huruf yang dirangkai rapi enggan bermelodi

Bukannya kita tuli, tapi rambut-rambut ini menggelitik telinga sampai gusi

Kita terlalu sok memberi kesimpulan sampai bertemu titik yang bernama jati diri.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Calling All Random Feelings to Gather

I am just crying with really random feelings.
Thank you for waking me up.
Lotsa hopes to catch.
How could I be so stupid?
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Super Action in Super Shell

"What's your name? This, take my cell phone, and we will be back with the money!"

I have Master Degree Classes on Tuesday and Wednesday.
On the last 2 days, my friend, Fabian went home with me.
I let him drove my car, and dropped him in anywhere he desired.

But on last Wednesday, he did not say anything that he would join my car again.
"Don't act like a fool, you can still join in my car!" I said to him when Fabian said he prefer to take TransJakarta bus.

Ok, he finally drove my car and then we stopped in a gas station, in Casablanca.
Me, to the gas station man: "30 liters, Shell Super"

Everything was going so fine until I looked at the price monitor: "130.000 (rupiah)" and still counting! I got a sudden panic.

The problem was, I only had IDR 100.000 in my hand, and my friend also didn't bring enough many to cover the bill, and we did not have Master Card or Visa Card to pay it. I was freaking shocked!!!!!!

"Mas, we don't have enough money to pay. Do you know where is the nearest ATM here?" -- Mannnnnn, I was so embarrassed when Fabian said this to the gas station man.

"Oh.. It is okay, you can go with me to our office and discuss about this."

"Hmm.. What's your name? This, take my cell phone, and we will be back with the money!"

So, he was stunningly pawning his cell phone to Mr. Ilham, the gas station man, and I kept blaming myself for doing something very careless like that!

In my mind, 30 liters of Shell Super is only 100.000, plus I will get an extra Coca Cola. While in fact, it is not 100.000 rupiah but 200.000 rupiah! ;(
(Sorry people, if I drop your jaw)

Ohhhhhh.. Thank God I was not driving at that moment, and I was not a blonde.
If yes, maybe I will get the "stupid blonde girl" title from that gas station man, or even from my friend.

Thank you friend, I was astonished with your super hero action. LOL! Geezzzz. -__-"

What a crazy night. *blaming my self*

P.S: I did not get the Coca Cola because the promo is over after 9PM. Great.