Monday, July 26, 2010

The Four Scenes

Bloggin time! I kinda miss you, blog. I haven’t wrote my stories lately while my everyday filled with lotsa stories. One thing that i wont be missed writing about it is my bed dream.
I had my ‘bedtime stories’ so much. This time it was just playing around with someone that I dont know if he will appear in my future or just in my dream.

First scene,
I go down stair to look what is going on in my house, and find out that there is a praise and worship night among my family and church friends. They are singing along the night, smiling and laughing together with joy on their faces. Then, I see this someone that is not a Christian together with them. He is my friend in my dream and it makes me wondering why he is with my family and friends in this night. I just see his smile and he really has a good night with them.

Second scene,
I open a white freezer in my house, trying to look what food they have inside. In a meantime, that person is getting closer to my back so that he can smell my hair. He gives me a small kiss on my head on the right so slowly. I can see him closing his eyes, like enjoying that scene! But, how could be on earth you can see someone what he does with his face while he is on your back? Lol.

Third scene,
Another kiss, on a cheek. This time is from me. Returning his kiss on my head, I kiss him back on his left cheek three times. And... He just ‘freezing’. He doesn’t do anything, and keep looking to the front. In that time, I am thinking like “Oh gawt, I shouldn’t have kissed him”.

Forth scene,
We are on the beach! We sit near the shore, looking at the sea and the sun starts to set. The sea breeze blows our hair, and the broken-white sands cover our feet. We don’t have any conversation in that time, just staring at the horizon line. But... something is crossing my mind, I talk to myself, “He only has a crush on me. He doesn’t love me. Maybe I should not go for him”.

DREAM. Are you there to show me something, to display my needs, or just playing around in my unconscious mind? And... who are you, someone? Will you answer all these questions? I guess you don’t.

P.S: After I post this blog as a draft, He popped again in my dream when I slept! :D