Monday, August 30, 2010

A Letter of Luck

03:03 AM - I forgot how to fall asleep and I couldn't find the manual book! Errhh.

Anyway, few days ago I started thinking that I had no enough luck like others have in such thing called competition, quiz, lucky draw, or else.

Any above-mentioned things I participated, sadly I never won one. Lucky draw at mall, free travelling promo, (one) quiz on Twitter, and et cetera. Frankly speaking, when I decided myself to participate in those, my heart (eww) was fully convinced that I would win out of all other 'contestants', if I may say.

As a result, my memory gave a signal that I don't have luck in those competitions! Phew...

But then the angelic side of Elvira whispered me something. She said, "It's not about luck, Elvira. It's about God's grace. He doesn't trust you in all those things but He loves to show the thing so-called luck in other hidden 'competitions'. Be grateful.. You don't need those lucks."

But God... I'd like to prove myself that I'm qualified. Hmmm
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