Friday, November 26, 2010

Pepaya Apa Pepaya

Yah, menu buah lunch hari ini pepaya.
Aku enggak suka buah, apalagi pepaya.

"Mas Iwang mau pepaya-nya aku?"

Lalu mas Iwang pun melotot, tersenyum simpul.
Ah, salah ngomong ya saya?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Her 'Endurance Training'

Crying won't get her to anywhere but it opens her mind.

After realizing that "many responsibilities come with many sacrifices", she broke her heart to tears. She couldn't enjoy her evening nap like she used to do, having a dvd spree at night, lying on her bed just staring to the ceiling for more than one or two hours, and she missed a dozen of dinners with her family, as well as having a fellowship with her church fellows.

So, it is also proven now.
You don't know what you got till it's gone, and time is running like he doesn't care what he left behind.

As a result, she scared to have another responsibilities, "Can I do this, that, and that?"

But the good news is, she said that there will be no regret because everything is worth it and beautiful. She believe that she can't make a beautiful rainbow without rain, she can't have a good shape without hard training.

A simple statement from her Reverend reminded her, "It is useless to train a hundred types of fighting techniques if you are not willing to be trained with endurance training. You will get knocked down once you get punched." Well said!

In short, let her do the "endurance training"!
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