Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Best NYE

What I've been through in 2010 was beyond my expectations. I was never hoping and planning to graduate and work at the same time. It was all because of God's grace. And, even in the last day of 2010, the day gone through surprisingly awesome! I might say 31 December 2010 - 1 January 2011 was the best moment of my entire New Year(s).

1. First good thing before 2011: Closer Relationship! I had dinner with my family and my boyfriend at one table, after 3 years time!

2. Next good thing before 2011: Healthy Activity! My boyfriend and I passed the new year's eve just the both of us, and we walked from Djakarta Theatre to Bunderan HI just to feel the euphoria there.

3. Another good thing before 2011: Heart to Heart! When he drove me back home, he poured out his nagging problem about his ex-office where he had just resigned. To be noted, he rarely talked like that much to me.

It became more wonderful because at first, he planned to go to Anyer with his friends and guess what it all turned out a memorable NYE with me! I hope these are a very good sign for us to face Two Thousand Eleven.

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