Wednesday, October 5, 2016

A Blessing or a Punishment?

Today was mad. I missed my flight from Incheon to Jakarta (via Hongkong) right in front of me. The gate was already closed. Then, I had to take quite a long walk and administration to get outside the departure area. The unfortunate event didn't stop there, the airline unloaded the wrong baggage, while I need it for my business trip tomorrow morning. I was all alone with the aircrew. Sigh! Next thing happened was I bought the direct ticket to Jakarta one hour before the flight.

When I was on board, I read one godly email which was sent daily to my inbox. It says, "you establish a relationship with God the same way you establish any relationship. You make him the first and most important part of your day through a daily quiet time. You get alone with God and worship him and learn from him. You spend regular, significant time with him."

It straightly tore me apart. When I was in Seoul, I never once think about think about the Man Upstairs. I ate like there is no food tomorrow, I drank and danced like I was still young, I took pictures and shopped. Nope, not even once I thanked the Man.

People said, there is always a bright side in every situation.
So, is it a blessing or a punishment? I am sure it's both!


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